Personal, friendly therapy services in a fun and caring environment.

Pediatric Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy: group, clinical, and personal care.

Who We Are


At  Impressions Pediatric Therapy, we provide personal, friendly therapeutic services in a fun and caring environment for children of all ages. Our therapists are Board Certified and have worked in the pediatric therapy industry for over 20 years. Services include Evaluations, Speech Language-Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Sensory Play Group treatment. Whether your child is developmentally delayed or special needs, we can help. 


 Impressions Pediatric Therapy is founded on the important premise that carryover of new skills is maximized when the skills are learned in a natural environment. Impressions Pediatric Therapy has been custom designed to mirror the experiences that the typically developing child encounters within his or her community.  Impressions Pediatric Therapy is designed with the child and the family in mind.   We address your child’s global therapy needs while they are enjoying what they do best: playing. For the child, his or her therapy sessions are fun—not a series of rote activities, maximizing each child’s motivation and participation in the therapeutic process.  


​For children with special needs, Impressions Pediatric Therapy in National Harbor and Camp Springs introduces them to a whole new world of interaction, stimulation and excitement. Equally important, our unique program gives parents and family members of children with special needs the opportunity to meet other parents who are dealing with similar issues, build a support group and create lasting friendships. At Impressions Pediatric Therapy in Camp Springs and National Horbor, all competition and judgment is left outside our doors, so that each child and his or her family can shine. 


Camp Springs Location:

 5801 Allentown Road

Suite 410 

Camp Springs, MD 20746 

(301) 238.4788

National Harbor Location:

6710 Oxon Hill Road

Suite 480

National Harbor, MD 20745

(301) 238.5290

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